What if your work was easier, faster and more fun?

Do you feel you have a million things to do and that you'll never catch up?
Or does it seem impossible trying to keep your business organized?

What if your work was easier, faster and more fun?

I think it's fair to say most of us feel overworked and like there are a million things we have left to do. It feels like 10 new tasks pop up for each one that we complete. It's physically and mentally exhausting trying to keep track of everything! Sometimes it feels like trying to hold back the tide just trying to keep up and by the end of the day we don't have any energy left to do anything except fall asleep on the couch!

That's one way to work, but it's exhausting and certainly not the best use of your time! If you are able to finish your work and save 1-2 hours every day, per person then isn't it worth looking at options that leave you more time to do other things? What is your time worth per hour ... $15? $50? On average our customers save 1-2 hours per employee, every day. Many of them save even more than that. For a 3 person company that's over $1200/month that you could save to invest in your business or put in your pocket.

Not to mention the added simplicity and convenience that you'll be able to complete your work with. Many repetive tasks are automated or streamlined taking the pain out of doing them. You won't have to spend hours manually filing paperwork or searching for paperwork, invoices or documents that you need for your customers. With Affinity that's done automatically while you work and you can retrieve the information you need in seconds. That's why we created Affinity--to make the high end tools that enterprise businesses have available to small businesses and to make your life easier.

Do you find it a time consuming struggle to keep your data organized?

How does your business organize and share information? Have you ever worked in an environment where there was a 'hoarder' and everyone had to go through them to get the current versions of documents and information that they needed to work? This behavior slows down your entire operation and wastes a lot of time that you're paying for. How do you organize your customers, purchases, invoices and so on? Are you able to access all of your business data in seconds so that you can move on to the next task on your list?

With Affinity you will be able to create and edit documents directly within Affinity--and you will be able to access them from any computer, anywhere in the world so you'll never be caught without important data that you need. In a few clicks, you can share it with others in your company who need access allowing you to create a library of necessary documents, policies and instructions that your team needs.

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you lose critical data?

Many small businesses don't have the time to put together disaster prevention strategies. Unfortunately, computer failure and data loss are a relatively common incident and we've worked with many customers who didn't have current backups or their backups had not been correctly created so they had nothing. Some of them were able to salvage or recreate enough data to get back to normal but many others went out of business or had to start over from scratch, losing customers and money in the process. As hard as you've worked to build your business up you can't afford to take any chances that could threaten its longevity!

All of our data is stored in a secure data center. The server hardware we use has a much lower rate of failure than typical desktops/laptops and we have an automated backup system that backs your data up every night and our technicians regularly verify that the integrity of the data so that you'll never lose data saved within Affinity. As an added bonus, having your data stored off premises protects it from theft, fire, flood and other unforeseen events.

Why is the business software market so confusing, anyway?

Instead of telling you what exactly their solutions do and how they benefit you, many vendors use a lot of vague terms and acronyms that make deciding on a software solution more complicated. You have to wonder if you really need X feature and whether it will be adequate for you in the future or if it will only address some of the issues that you'd like to resolve currently. Many of them will nickel and dime you, selling you a basic package and then charging you substantial fees for additional features that most businesses need, like order management and integrated shipping tools. Some don't even offer those features at all!

We try to keep things simple for our customers and provide a complete solution for your business, including all of the features that we design. When we create new tools and features we make them immediately available to all of our customers at no additional charge.

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