Why You Should Use Affinity

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One Complete System
You need more than one tool to run your business! Affinity includes CRM, sales automation, email marketing, inventory management and e-commerce in a polished, cohesive environment to help you automate your day to day tasks.

Affinity provides a smarter, faster way to get more of your work done.

Designed for Small Businesses
Affinity was designed to help provide small businesses with the agility and power that is available in enterprise level business applications in a package that doesn't cost millions to acquire.

Our business is relationships and we want to help your business achieve greater success.

Customized for Your Business
We don't believe that one size fits all or that you should force your business to fit into the same model as every other business. You have unique requirements and our niche is to provide a platform personalized to your specifications.

Typically implementing business platforms or ERP involves three parties: the vendor, an integrator and the customer. Affinity eliminates the integrator and handles this in-house for faster, more accurate results.

You're In Control
With all of the information and resources at your fingertips to make fast, informed decisions and never have to worry about something slipping through the cracks.

Affinity was designed so that you can find and access any piece of information across your entire organization with one click or search.

We Manage Everything for You
Most of our clients aren't in the software design field and we don't expect you to do implementation, development and customization to get your business platform working the way you need.

Instead, we handle every step so that it's ready to go and just works for you when you log in. This includes importing your users and data, implementing custom features and providing ongoing support to your team.

Available Anywhere, Anytime
Every piece of information that you create or store within Affinity can be accessed from anywhere in the world without worrying about remote desktop, crashed servers or failed hard drives.

We use dedicated hardware in a managed data center; not virtualized or shared servers. In a shared environment a problem with a completely unrelated website can bring yours down as well. We've had 99.8% uptime for 6 years and counting.

Uncompromising Security
It seems like there's a new security breech being reported every day. We don't take shortcuts where your security is concerned. Affinity uses multiple stages of 256-bit AES encryption to protect your sensitive information.

We create a new encryption key for each of our clients every day and utilize several techniques to strengthen passwords including salting, key stretching and concatenation of additional data and symbols to create a stronger password.

What Our Customers Say
"Affinity Informatics rose to the challenge by creating a retail platform supporting a fully constructed, e-commerce web site. This highly customized web site, with its superb layout, well-organized product categories, and open architecture allows Fashion Fatale to directly input information, to make price changes, to add or delete products, to change terms, etc." - Lawrence Robinson; Fashion Fatale


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