Affinity Customers > Fashion Fatale

Fashion Fatale approached us initially about having their website integrate with an e-commerce/order management tool.

We seamlessly integrated Fashion Fatale's website with Affinity, allowing them not only to manage and update all of their content, but also to automatically process payments as well as to rapidly organize and process orders.

"Affinity Informatics rose to the challenge by creating a retail platform supporting a fully constructed, e-commerce web site. This highly customized web site, with its superb layout, well-organized product categories, and open architecture allows Fashion Fatale to directly input information, to make price changes, to add or delete products, to change terms, etc. Our customer management program works with the inventory and order management software to provide a valuable management tool. It also permits our customers to examine their previous purchases, reminding them of which styles they adore and simply must reorder.

In short, the partnership is proving to be successful--a relationship we trust will be enduring."
- Lawrence Robinson, Owner