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Affinity CRM helps small businesses manage their contacts, sales and marketing.

Increase Sales. Retain Customers. Save Time.

Affinity is an affordable CRM designed for small businesses. Affinity helps communicate with your customers, rapidly close sales and organize information so you can develop fiercely loyal customers, soaring profit margins and connected team members. Hundreds of companies rely on Affinity every day to run their business.

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Ready For a Massive Competitive Advantage?

Your business management platform should be a well-oiled machine.

Just like a surgeon, having the right tool helps you do exceptional work in record time. You would never attempt to do brain surgery with a kitchen knife so would you neglect your customer relationship strategy and lose customers you've worked so hard to get?

Investing in CRM is probably the most beneficial decision a business can make and it will help you literally run circles around your competition. Quality service is the differentiator. Your customers will love you and you'll be ready when your competitors make mistakes.

360-Degree Customer View in Affinity CRM

360-Degree Customer View
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What's the Secret?

CRM gives businesses huge advantages and substantially increased efficiency. Here are some compelling reasons for businesses to focus on customer service and their customers' experience.

More than 50% of customers are willing to pay more for better service.

Increase your customer retention by up to 30% by implementing CRM.

Convert up to 300% more leads by using CRM and Lead Management.


Why CRM is Essential for Every Business

Too many businesses make the mistake of not implementing CRM because they're not familiar with its advantages, or they think they're too small or that it will cost too much...

"Affinity allows Fashion Fatale to directly input information, make price changes, add or delete products, change terms, etc. Our CRM works with the inventory and order management software to provide a valuable management tool. It permits our customers to examine their previous purchases, reminding them of which styles they adore and simply must reorder."
Lawrence Robinson - Fashion Fatale

Here are a few things to think about...

1. Getting new customers costs far more than keeping existing ones.
2. Positive recommendations can be one of your best sources for new business.
3. Negative reviews can easily go viral and reach thousands of your potential customers.

Incredibly Easy to Use

See for yourself. Most people pick Affinity CRM up immediately without any guidance--but we also have a complete set of instructional videos so you have answers at your fingertips if you ever have a question.

Don't Pay More For Less!

We work closely with each of our clients to make sure Affinity is a perfect fit for them. Be sure when evaluating a CRM vendor that you get the value and support that your company needs to ensure a successful experience with CRM.

Affinity Includes...
- Lifetime Price Guarantee
- 99.5% Uptime Guarantee
- No Hidden Costs Guarantee
- Unlimited Support and Training


Affinity CRM

Affinity ERP

CRM Platform
Lead and Opportunity Management
Salesforce Automation (SFA)
360-Degree Customer Dashboard
Customer Support Automation
Email Marketing
Real-time Reporting
Document and File Management  
E-Commerce System  
Order and Sales Management  
Automatic Invoicing  
Payment Processing  
360-Degree Sales Dashboard  
Shipping Integration  
Inventory Management  
Customer Support Unlimited Unlimited
SLA Uptime Guarantee 99.5% 99.5%
Data Storage 500MB/user* 1GB/user*

*: Due to storage and compression algorithms, our average client uses only about 100MB/user of data.

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