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Our home page and an introduction to the key features of Affinity.

Affinity CRM for Small Businesses
Learn about Affinity CRM and contact management for small businesses.

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See how we differentiate our company and service from competitors.

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Read success stories from our customers and see how we've helped them.

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Information about solutions custom designed for your organization.

Introduction to Affinity
More information about Affinity's features and how it works.

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Differentiate Your Business With Exceptional Customer Management

Affinity Is A More Complete Solution Than Salesforce And Costs Less


How Affinity Benefits Your Company

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
How Affinity can improve your customer relationships and customer service.

Orders, Inventory and Payments
Organize your orders, update inventory and process payments faster and more accurately.

Document and Resource Management
Create, organize and share essential information between members of your company.

Safety and Security
Protect your customers and company from data loss, theft and other disasters.

Business Intelligence
Instantly create reports from up to the second information stored within Affinity.

Sales and Marketing
Create email campaigns and track all sales activities within Affinity.

E-Commerce and Online Portal
Details about Affinity's E-Commerce solutions for small businesses.


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Affinity Blog for Small Businesses

Why should I use CRM, anyway?

The hidden costs of free software.

What if your work was faster, easier and more fun?


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Denver, Colorado CRM and ERP Solutions