Sales, Marketing and Lead Management

Our sales, marketing and lead management tools help you track your sales activity more effectively, resulting in closing more deals and a shorter sell cycle. Sales and lead management helps your sales teams be more organized, better coordinated and much more effective.

Sales Advantages
Preparation is essential to effective sales and Affinity puts everything in order so that you don't have to try to remember the details of your conversations with your leads and customers. At a glance you'll always be able to refresh yourself before your next meeting with a lead or customer so you present yourself effectively.

Easy, Integrated E-Commerce System
For many web based businesses, their website and e-commerce system are critical for driving sales. Affinity's e-commerce platform is easy to set up and simple to use. It integrates with the rest of Affinity to give you an all in one solution, taking your orders from your website, processing payments and updating your records and inventory.

Always know exactly what needs to be done next...
Affinity is designed to improve your workflow by streamlining tasks and presenting relevant information. In seconds you can always review your leads, customers and orders to see the status of each of them and whether there have been any updates or alerts requiring your attention.

Reach out to your customers with targeted offers...
Affinity includes a messaging system that allows you to email selected customers and groups of customers, giving you a powerful marketing tool. Customers' replies are automatically saved within Affinity as well to give you a full history of your conversation. You can easily present new products or special offers to your customers.

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