Manage Your Orders, Inventory and Payments

Every business sells products or services and must complete purchases accurately and quickly. Affinity helps update inventory, create quotes, orders, invoices and shipments. It automates many repetitive tasks, making order management easy and painless so nothing gets skipped.

Automatically create and update invoices...

Affinity creates an invoice as soon as an order is opened and automatically updates it any time the order is updated or a payment is received. Your customers can log into your Customer Portal to view their orders and invoices at any time, saving you time and letting your customers easily find previous purchases they loved.

Quickly Add, Update and Track Orders

Affinity gives you powerful control over your orders. Our order management system lets you instantly create orders and attach them to your customers' accounts. You can quickly add items and update item details, tax and shipping from the order administration panel. You can easily organize your orders by status, date, salesperson and more.

Create FedEx and UPS shipments in seconds...

Affinity supports FedEx and UPS shipping integration. Once you've added your account number, you will be able to create shipments in a few clicks using information about your customers, products and orders already saved within Affinity. Once you've shipped and closed an order, your available inventory will be automatically updated.

Easily Manage Products, Services and Inventory

Your product or service catalog is used within our order management and e-commerce systems. Adding or importing products/services is very easy and you can quickly create your catalog, allowing you to enter your products into orders, automatically update inventory and create reports on your products/services.

Protect yourself with secure payment processing...

Small businesses are a common target for credit card theft. If you fail to correctly protect this data you can be held liable! Affinity includes a payment center that allows you to securely process credit cards and satisfy PCI compliance requirements, ensuring that your business and customers are protected.

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