What is Affinity?

Affinity is designed to streamline your entire business so you can focus more on your customers and sales and less on maintenance or technology.

In technical terms, Affinity is a SaaS ERP/CRM system for small businesses. It is an environment that centralizes your customers, data and activities so your company can collaborate easily and instantly share/retrieve necessary information to make faster, smarter decisions.


How Does it Benefit Me?

By automating repetitive tasks and managing your information. By working with many companies we've designed tools to help you complete your work in the shortest amount of time and with the least effort. We believe that once you've created a piece of information it should be available throughout your organization whenever appropriate.

How Else Can it Help Me?

In addition to streamlining your workflow, Affinity is designed to help organize and analyze your data to make better decisions, to identify new opportunities and to operate more efficiently in every aspect. It also protects your information from data loss, natural disaster, theft and corporate espionage

Why Choose Affinity Informatics?

Our company works closely with you to ensure you get the most out of Affinity. We do all of the technical setup for you and make sure your system is completely ready when you log in. We create your accounts, import your customers, update your product catalog and integrate your existing documents and data. We customize Affinity so it does exactly what you need typically at no charge.

Nobody else does that.

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