Document and Information Management

Can you instantly access the information you need to work efficiently? Do you waste hours manually filing documents? Affinity helps you and your team create and access the information they need, when they need it, without wasting time trying to find the right version or location.

Access your customers and data anytime, anywhere...

With Affinity your information, customers and data are always at your fingertips. You can access Affinity from any internet enabled device so you can easily work from your office, home or the other side of the world. Your data is secure and automatically backed up and you'll never be without the files you need for that important meeting.

Automate Filing and Retriving Data

Instead of spending hours manually filing and retriving information, Affinity automatically organizes your information as it is created and you can search and locate any information stored in Affinity in seconds. As an added bonus you won't need those bulky, heavy filing cabinets anymore!

Information is more accessible across your company...

Affinity's design creates a centralized hub, organizing your data and helping the people who need to access it find exactly what they need. With Affinity you can see the complete story in seconds--see the history of notes on a customer account, their previous purchases or potential issues and much more.

Easily Create, Update, Organize and Share Documents

Create and edit documents directly within Affinity and share with select people and groups within your company. Affinity's document system lets you organize your important files and give the right people access to them.

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