Safety, Security and Disaster Prevention

Don't leave the safety of your business to chance. Theft, flood, fire and data loss are unexpected events that can cripple businesses or shut them down permanently. Planning responses and strategies to prevent disasters may not be glamorous but it should never be neglected.

Why your business and data are safer with Affinity:

Affinity is designed to prevent loss or setback by safeguarding your business and data. It automatically backs up your data, encrypts sensitive information, lets you control access to information, helps meet security requirements and creates logs of updates and changes within Affinity.

Automatic Nightly Backup

All of the data that you create in Affinity is automatically backed up every night. You never have to worry about whether your data has been correctly backed up or if you can recover important data.

Theft Prevention

With physical access to a computer or storage device it is easy to copy and save huge amounts of information very quickly. Because Affinity stores your data off premises and allows you to restrict access by user it is much harder to access large amounts of information.

Multiple Stage Encryption

Affinity uses multiple levels of encryption for your data as well as the keys used to encrypt your data. We use top level 256-bit encryption algorithms to protect your sensitive information and new encryption keys are generated every day. Unique encryption keys are assigned to each customer and are never shared between accounts.

Extended Authentication

If your business needs additional security Affinity has an option that helps protect against trojans, social engineering attacks and stolen passwords. The Extended Authentication system requires a computer itself to be authenticated one time and until that step is completed the login panel is not available.

Activity Logs and Audit Trails

Another option Affinity includes allows you to create a detailed log of all activity within Affinity, showing when a document or account was accessed, what was modified and who made the changes. Because Affinity automatically backs up data any harmful changes can be reversed using data from the previous backup.

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