Customer Relationship Management

Business is about relationships. From lead, to sale, to followup and repeat sales, fast, accurate customer care gives your business a significant advantage against competitors and strengthens your reputation. Affinity helps you easily organize and keep in touch with your customers.

Why is customer relationship management essential?
About 50% of customers will share an excellent experience with others.
Between 60-75% of customers will share a negative experience with others.
Only 20-30% will contact a company after a negative experience to allow them to salvage the relationship.

Customer Relationship Management
Our CRM platform is built to give you added insight and to help you provide better, faster service to your customers. It is easy to use and includes many valuable tools for any type of business. It also interacts with the rest of Affinity including order management, reporting and business intelligence tools allowing you to effortlessly share data.

Lead Management
An optimal sales strategy allows you to nurture and follow leads from your first contact. Within Affinity you will be able to track when you communicated with a lead and what was discussed. All information can be instantly retrieved from the customer account so you don't have to try to remember details from your previous meeting.

Organize and Find Customers
Affinity lets you create and assign statuses to your customers. You are able to create groups to further organize your customers and instantly pull up lists of customers by status or group. You can access your customers in seconds at any time within Affinity and quickly search by name, company, email, phone, address, date added and more.

Improve Communication and Customer Support
Customers can create support requests through an online portal or opened by you within Affinity. This messaging system allows you to contact individual or multiple customers to send them updates, followups or special offers. All communication is saved within Affinity making it incredibly easy to update or review a message or incident.

Create Appointments and Attach Documents
Quickly organize your appointments using Affinity's calendar. You can quickly create or assign events that show up immediately so you'll never miss an appointment with a customer. The document system allows you to store relevant documents within the customer account so your team can access them anytime, anywhere.

Online Customer Portal
Affinity includes an online portal that allows your customers to log in and view previous purchases, browse your product catalog, communicate with you, submit feedback and stay connected with your company. Each of these sections within the Customer Portal can be enabled or disabled based on your company's needs.

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