Custom CRM, ERP & Business Solutions

Would you like to have your business platform customized to the exact specifications of your company? The advantages are distinct; with a business platform tailored to your company everything runs more efficiently and works exactly how you need it to.

No Limits
No per user charges.
No data storage limits.

100% Managed Solution
We do all of the customization work.
We manage and maintain the hardware.
We perform security audits and updates.

Faster Development and Deployment
Because we already have the framework in place and designed for customization we are able to complete customization work and have a working platform for our clients in substantially less time than it would take to assemble your own team and design your own platform. And because we've been designing business software for many years, we can make sure that things are done correctly so you won't have any problems in the future.

Infinitely Scalable
Our systems can be rapidly upgraded to handle substantial increases in activity. Whether you have 100 people using your platform to 10000 your system is fully scalable and flexible to meet the demands of your business, all the time.

Customizeable Components
Customer/Online Portal
E-Commerce System
Customer Management System
Order Management System (CRM)

Private Cloud and Integration
Your customized business platform can be run on dedicated hardware exclusively used for your organization. Many features, such as the Online Portal or E-Commerce System can be transparently integrated with your own website and branded with your company name and logo.

Advanced Data Recovery
Essential for Health
Fashion Fatale

Requesting a Quote
Please email us a description of your company. We will contact you to arrange a consultation to discuss how your company operates and design a blueprint for your organization.

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