Business Intelligence and Real-Time Reporting

Affinity helps you make more effective decisions by providing you with total insight and reporting, making your entire company more agile, better informed and more responsive. With all relevant data instantly accessible, you'll know exactly what your best options are in any scenario.

More Visible Information

By making all of your business data more visible and accessible, Affinity helps you complete work faster and reduces mistakes, saving you time and keeping your customers happier. With the information stored in Affinity you can create detailed reports and analyze every part of your business.

Detailed Live Reports

Affinity includes a collection of reports on sales, company activity, customer activity, customer feedback, products, status of your orders and more. Every report allows you to pull up daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and historical reports to get exactly the details you need.

More insight into your customers and business...

With your information all stored in one system it makes it easier to analyze your data to see what works. You can instantly see what customers have previously purchased to tailor new offers for them; or you can look at the customer service or sales results for each person in your company.

Anytime, Anywhere Availability

Because data saved in Affinity is held off premises it is more secure and protected against natural disaster. You can connect to Affinity from anywhere in the world with any internet enabled device meaning that you'll never be without the files or data that you need.

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