Differentiate Your Business With Exceptional Customer Management

Providing a deeply satisfying experience to your customers involves your entire organization and a deep understanding of how everything is connected. By delivering a great customer experience you can win lifetime customer loyalty and get your customers to evangelize your business. We can help.

Why Use Affinity's Customer Management Platform?

Affinity 360 integrates all of your business tools and data in one place instead of them being segmented across many applications that don't play nicely together. Our everything-shared approach gives you a more complete picture of how your company engages your customers.

Our small business CRM is fully connected with our Order Management, Invoicing, E-Commerce, Inventory Management, File Management and Business Intelligence tools.

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Key Affinity CRM Features

  • Automated Communication for follow-ups and notifications.
  • Targeted Segmentation for email campaigns, newsletters and special offers.
  • Feedback Polling to learn more about your customers' experiences.
  • Online Customer Portal so your customers can review past orders and invoices.
  • Behavioral Insights to better understand your customers and what they like.
  • Accounts Dashboard to visualize your customer data and identify opportunities.

Common Problems We Solve

We're here to deliver solutions! These are the most common customer management problems that we help our customers with. If you're dealing with the same problems email us and we can talk about creating a strategy that meets your specific needs.

Follow-ups don't get sent consistently. Or at all.
Automating follow-ups is one of the first steps we take when implementing Affinity CRM for new customers so you can guarantee that your leads and prospects aren't getting dropped.

Customer data is disorganized and not readily available at your fingertips.
Having a complete history of their account and data helps you understand your customers and make better decisions that are tailored specifically to each customer.

I can't effectively segment my customers for targeted offers and campaigns.
It's imperative that you can easily group your customers--and analyze your data and their purchase history to identify preferences that will help you deliver targeted offers they are interested in.

I don't have enough insight into the experiences my customers are having.
If you don't know your average time for problem resolution, how long it takes to fulfill orders and how satisfied your customers are with your services then you are missing basic customer intelligence that is crucial for good business management.

I spend too much time on filing paperwork and creating orders or invoices.
Affinity automatically creates and updates invoices when you modify an order or a payment is received. All customer information and supporting documents are attached to a customer profile and retrieved in seconds. Most of our customers find that they save 60+ hours per month right here!

I need 'at a glance' visualization of my customer data.
In business intelligence a picture really is worth a thousand words. Data visualization can help you discover patterns that can lead to new opportunities or refinement of business practices.

Affinity CRM helps you to easily visualize your customer data to identify patterns and opportunities.

Safety and Security Should Not Be Negotiable

Security is hard. Here are a few of the policies and technologies that we use to ensure that your data is protected. If you're not familiar with these terms we've added mouse-over descriptions of these technologies.

  • Sensitive data is redundantly encrypted using AES-256. New encryption keys are created every day.
  • Passwords are protected with salting, password stretching and slow hashing.
  • Our entire website runs behind an encrypted SSL connection to protect data in transit.
  • All data is automatically backed up nightly to protect against accidental or intentional data loss.
  • We use multiple layers of hardware and software firewalls to identify and block malicious activity.

You should be using these same technologies to protect your business, customers and data.

What Really Sets Your Business Apart From Your Competitors?

Does your company perform work that few of your competitors are capable of?

Is it the quality of your products or services?

Or maybe your company is really good at marketing...

These are great advantages but are they sustainable? Most businesses will not be able to maintain a truly unique selling point especially as competitors mimic your efforts.

Exceptional customer management creates a cascade of advantages for you that are very difficult to compete against. Businesses with top performance in customer experience and relationship management win lifetime loyalty from their customers.

This is one of the strongest differentiators in business and if you neglect it you'll lose customers.

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