Affinity Is A More Complete Solution Than Salesforce And Costs Less

Affinity 360 is a complete small business platform and Salesforce is the established name in the Software-as-a-Service CRM industry. Salesforce has brand recognition and isn't going anywhere.
Affinity delivers a lot more for the same dollar and continually adds new features at no extra cost.

Affinity 360 - Highlights

Affinity 360 integrates all of your business tools (including CRM) and data in one place instead of them being segmented across many applications that don't play nicely together. Our everything-shared approach helps deliver deeper insights, better informed decision making and peak performance.

  • One fully connected solution to manage your CRM, support, sales, orders, invoices, inventory and shipping.
  • We manage your implementation and deployment so you can get up and running quickly.
  • Billed monthly or annually based on the preference of your organization.
  • We're privately owned so our responsibility is exclusively to our customers.
  • $50/user/month and we import your existing customers, products and data.

We're that company you've never heard of that wants to rock your world and deliver fully integrated, high caliber, enterprise-level technology to small businesses like yours.

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Salesforce - Highlights

Salesforce is a well established SaaS CRM vendor. They provide several supplemental products that you can connect together to create a more complete platform though many of these additional services (like customer service management) should have been included in their core CRM system.

  • Independent consultants are readily available to help with implementation and deployment.
  • Has a rich marketplace of third party applications to extend their product.
  • Billed annually and adjusting your license can be quite difficult.
  • Is a public company so shareholder interests can clash with customer interests.
  • $65-$250/user/month for their core CRM system. Marketing, customer service and other essentials are extra.

Comparison Matrix

Affinity 360 Salesforce
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Lead and Opportunity Management
Salesforce Automation (SFA)
360-Degree Customer Dashboard
360-Degree Sales Dashboard
Email Campaigns
Real-time Reporting
Document and File Management
Order Management
Automatic Invoicing
Payment Processing
Customer Support Management
Shipping Integration
Inventory and Product Management

Take Advantage Of Our Current Pricing!

To match Affinity 360, you will need several Salesforce products which would cost hundreds of dollars per user. Vendors with comparable services like Aplicor and NetSuite charge $100-200 per user.

We are currently positioned well below market pricing and that won't last. Each of our existing clients has a lifetime price guarantee, so if we raise our prices in the future (likely to $90/user) all of our current customers will continue to pay $50/user.

Take advantage of our current special pricing and try Affinity risk free for 30 days.
We don't require a credit card and there is absolutely no commitment.

Try Affinity Free for 30 Days